Course Details: Big Data Analytics with Deep Learning

Big Data Analytics with Deep Learning

Five Days AICTE Training And Learning(ATAL) Faculty Development Program on “Big Data Analytics With Deep Learning

Deep learning transforms data through a cascade of layers, helping systems analyze and process complex data sets. Deep learning algorithms extract high level complex data and process these complex sets to relatively simpler ideas formulated in the preceding level of the hierarchy.

Day 1

Big data Analytic, Machine Learning andDeep Learning-Dr.Pooja Jain,Assistant Professor, IIIT Nagpur

Software and Tools for Massive Big Data Processing Dr. Pooja Jain, Assistant Professor, IIIT Nagpur

Security, Privacy Issues in Big Data - Dr. Sunil Pathak ,Associate Professor Amity University Jaipur

Day 2

Linear/Multilinear regression Hands on Session Ms. Pooja Sharma,Assistant Professor, PIET, JAIPUR

Machine Learning Decision tree Naïve Bayes classifier Dr.Tapan Jain, Assistant Professor, IIITNagpur

Supervised Machine Learning Hands on Session using Python Ms.Pooja Sharma, Assistant Professor, PIET

Day 3

Unsupervised Machine learning K Means,Hierarchical -Dr. Tapan Jain,Assistant Professor, IIIT Nagpur

Unsupervised Machine learning Hands on Sessionusing Python Mr. Deepak Moud. AssistantProfessor, PIET

Hands on Session using Python on Neural network implementation Mr Deepak Moud Asst. Professor,PIET

Day 4

Convolutional NeuralNetworks for image datareduction -Mr. Yogendra Singh , Forsk Tech., Jaipur

Transfer learning for image classification recognition Mr. Yogendra Singh,Forsk Technologies, Jaipur

CNN Architectures AlexNet,for imageClassification-Dr. Meenakshi SArya, Prof., SRM Institute ,Chennai

Day 5

Recurrent NN./Deep Learning.-Dr.Meenakshi Sood, AssociateProfessor, NITTTR, Chandigarh

Natural Language Processing (NLP)-Dr. Rekha Jain,Professor PIET , JAIPUR

Recurrent Neural Network(RNN) -Dr.Nidhi Lal, AssistantProfessor, IIIT Nagpur

Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jaipur

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