Core Java

Course Name : Core  Java


Duration  : Theory:  40Hrs.   Hands-On : 40 Hrs.                                      

This course provides an exhaustive coverage of Java Programming language features like Introduction to Java, Object-oriented Programming, Exception Handling, Swings, Multithreading, I / O,  Socket programming, JDBC, Generics and Annotations.

Take Away: After completion of this course you will be able to

Develop console/ desktop based programs using Java.

Develop GUI applications using Java

Develop database applications using Java


Unique Features

Enhance employability

Strong foundation of Object-Oriented concepts

Curriculum compliant

Strong foundation for learning Web Application Development

Latest versions


Target Audience

Undergraduates, Graduates and Post-Graduates

Job aspirants



C’ Programming

Knowledge of Object-oriented programming would be an advantage


Recommended Next Course

Advance Java

Advanced Android


Training Methodology

This course uses the Project based training methodology.

Visualization of concepts

Apply technology to solve real world problems

100% hands-on exercises/case studies


Tools Requirements

Java Development Kit 1.7



Course Contents

Object-oriented Concepts

Object-oriented programming, key concepts – abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism


Introduction to Java

History of Java, Features of Java, Java Virtual Machine, Java program execution, Java class syntax, Writing simple java class, Accessor &  Mutator methods, Java Primitive data types


Writing Java classes

Constructors, Finalizer method, Method overloading, ‘this’ reference, Static variables and methods, Static blocks, Variables in java, Terminology for class members, Packages & Package Scope Access, Inner classes, CLASSPATH,


Language fundamentals

Structure of memory, Garbage collection, Parameter passing to methods


Inheritance & Polymorphism

Containment & Inheritance syntax, Super keyword, Static & dynamic polymorphism, Comparison of method overloading & overriding,  Object class methods, Abstract class, Final variables & methods, Implementation Inheritance, Interface need, Creating Interface, Interface rules, Implementing Interfaces, Interfaces & Abstract classes, Tagging/Marker Interfaces, Cloning


Java API Support

String class, Methods of String Buffer class, Wrapper classes, auto-boxing and auto un-boxing, File class and System class


Exception Handling

Need for Exception Handling, Exception Hierarchy, Errors, Runtime Exceptions & Non-Runtime Exceptions, try-catch-finally Clause, Cascading of Exceptions, User Defined Exceptions

Collection Framework and Generics

Collections Framework, List Interface, Set Interface, Map Interface, Iterator Interface, Need for Generics, Generics and Collection Framework, Generics and sub-typing, Generics at compilation



Need of annotation, target and retention annotations, marker annotations, reflection,  invoking methods using reflection



Basic controls, gridbag, the Color & Font Class, Graphics Class, Java Class Using Components, The Callback Mechanism, AWT Peers, Swing Components Hierarchy, JFrame, Panel, Window


Event Delegation Model

Event Handling, Event delegation model, Event listener interfaces, Adapter classes


Building GUI

Layout Manager, Menus, Checkbox Menu, Pop-up Menus, Dialog Boxes, General purpose containers like JToolBar, JTabbedPane, etc, Specific containers JDesktopPane and JLayedPane, some advance controls like JTree, JTable, Jspinner


Swing MVC

Model-View-Controller, Implementing Model, Swing Components using MVC



Thread, Scheduling of Process / Thread, Life Cycle Of Thread, Thread States, Runnable Interface, Thread Priorities,



Need of Synchronization, Thread Synchronization, Synchronized Method, Synchronized Blocks, wait(), Necessity for notify(), notifyAll(), Atomic variables, Lock


Socket programming

Java Sockets, Socket Programming, InetAddress class, Example Chat Server, DatagramSocket


Input-Output (File I/O)

Streams, Types of Streams, stream chaining, Random Access File, Serialization, de-serialization



Basic database concepts, Introduction to JDBC, JDBC Drivers, Executing queries, Executing Stored Procedure, JDBC 2.0 features, JDBC Transactions

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