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Course Name:  Advance Java

Duration: Theory:  20Hrs. Hands-On : 20 Hrs.


This course provides an exhaustive coverage of Web Application development with Servlets, JSP,HTML, JavaScript, HTTP and XML.


Take Away: After completion of this course you will be able to


Develop a Web-based application using JSP& Servlet.

Unique Features


Enhance Employability


Strong Foundation for learning MVC Framework

Target Audience

Undergraduate, Graduates and Post-Graduates

Job Aspirants



Core java


Recommended Next Course

Struts 2.0

Hibernate Framework



Training Methodology

This course uses the Project based training methodology.

Visualization of concepts

Applying  technology to solve real world problems

100% hands-on exercises/case studies


Tools Requirements

Java Development Kit 1.7


Tomcat 6.x and above


Course Contents

Java Database Connectivity

JDBC Drivers, Java.sql Interfaces & classes, Types of statements & ResultSets, JDBC BLOB’s & CLOB’s, JDBC batch updates, JDBC Transactions


Java 2 Enterprise Edition Introduction

Web application need, HTTP basics, Request Response architecture, Request structure, Response Structure, Web application technologies


HTML & JavaScript

HTML Tags, HTML Form elements, Dynamic application using JavaScript, JavaScript building blocks,



XML Basics, Writing XML Document, XML DTD’s, Validating XML Document, XML Entities.



Request and Response flow, Servlet API’s, Servlet life cycle, Session Tracking, Servlet collaboration, Response redirection, Servlet Filters, Servlet Listeners, Servlet 3.0 features



Need for JSP, JSP Elements and Directives, Implicit Objects, JSP Actions, JSP custom tags, JSTL, EL

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